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Milonas Chiropractic is a healthcare experience designed to provide top-level healing treatments and lifestyle education in the comfort of your own home. For those of you looking for a hands-on experience, we have an incredible facility located in Naperville, IL. We specialize in and are the creators of the groundbreaking VIN Health Map formulated to personalize your plan to defeat illness and create whole body health. With over forty years of combined experience in the Wholistic Health field and family practice we have cultivated a health ``experience`` based on years of study and the needs of our clients. We are thrilled to share our knowledge and secrets with you at home and in our facility. Visit us today!

Dr. Matt's RECOMMENDATION of the month: Cryotherapy

Get all the benefits of an ice bath without the pain! When your body is cold, it sends blood to the core organs for safety and survival. While in the core, the organ’s blood is cleaned, detoxed, and filled with nutrition and oxygen. Following a 3 minute cryotherapy session, the freshly cleaned blood travels around the body bringing healing factors to the cells. If you’ve never tried this, you’re going to be astounded by the rejuvenating feeling and results.

Essential Oils for Essentially... Everything!

The benefits of essential oils are endless! Heal quicker, fight common colds and allergies, boost your mood and increase your productivity. And do it naturally! Essential oils are joining the mainstream but there are so many imposters on the market. We’re proud to announce that our line is all natural and designed to be safe for kids, your home and even your pets! Shop our entire essential oil collection and be inspired by Dr. Jessy’s favorites below.

Milonas Chiropractic Health Journal

Read the latest journal posts by Dr. Matt and Dr. Jessy. These pages are full of easy to understand, exciting tips and insights on how to be healthier at home and how to heal from the inside out. Health and healing starts with you!

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